Colouring Outside the Lines – Amanda Paull

Number three in a series of books. I felt pleased at this, as despite not having discovered any of the other books in the series, they must have been good, in order for the series to be commissioned. Thus began my high hopes fot this novel.

I instantly felt for Katie and Connor, trying to organise an imminent wedding, with the interference of Katie’s Mother – to the extent of offering last minute dress suggestions! I mean – all very well intentioned I’m sure, but most self respecting brides wouldn’t want to wear their Mother’s 1970’s cast offs!

Empathy abounded at the ‘wedding’ and I just couldn’t get Katie out of my thoughts. The author had built up to the defining moment rather well though I thought. Full credit to Katie for going off to her honeymoon destination.

I felt for Connor – I didn’t particularly feel that he was in the wrong and Laura was an eminently likeable character. Katie seemed obsessed with everything being just so – with complying with society’s ‘norms’ – indeed with keeping her colouring within the lines. I was desperate for her to discover herself and to let go – to let herself go outside the lines.

As well as being about relationships, the book did have some humour – a prime example being Katie’s parents and their relationship!

In all I enjoyed the book immensely. To read it for yourself, just follow this link:


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