Summer at Blue Sands Cove – CP Ward

Having been unceremoniously dumped, again, and after an unfortunate incident at work, Grace goes home to Cornwall for the summer. I felt for her, in that she seemed a perfectly normal woman to me and had no reason to feel how she did when her fella dropped her like a stone. Quite what Gavin’s Brother was accusing Grace for, when he verbally attacked her, I really do not know! It’s a mystery to me and I suspect it was to a Grace, too. I felt that the author highlighted very well just how odd some people can be!

Grace’s friend Joan was a real breath of fresh and was portrayed as such a fun, loveable character, oozing with local gossip for Grace! Jason was love.y and I loved him even more when he managed to ask Grace his burgeoning question. What’s not to love!

I do enjoy a bit of mystery and this was provided by the masked surfer; who on earth was he? Was he a local? Would Grace and Joan know him from school? Humour is also a necessity, provided by Grace’s neighbour Gerald!

I found myself really caring about Grace, wanting her to stay in Cornwall having found love; this was such a feel good novel, that those kind of outcomes would be the ‘icing on the cake’ for me.

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