The Ticklemore Tavern – Liz Davies

Having previously read and thoroughly enjoyed 2 previous books by Liz Davies, based in Ticklemore, to say that I am excited to read this tome is a bit of an understatement! I am so looking forward to going back to Ticklemore to mingle with some old friends and to hopefully make many more. For me to offer to read a third book in a series gives you, my reader, an insight into how much I enjoyed the previous books, and how much joy I am anticipating from this read.

Lis Davies humour shone out throughout the book, which always makes a novel that bit more enticing for me. Am example was on the very first page, with the satirical names of some of the beers in the pub; how they made me chuckle! I’m not a gin drinker, but I think even I could be tempted by some of Violet’s delicious sounding offerings!

Violet was an appealing character; sassy, fun and an admirable businesswoman. Logan too made the perfect male lead. The pair of them seemed like a match made in heaven:

  • Seemingly single
  • tangible attraction between the two of them – I’d go as far as calling it electric
  • beautiful young things
  • a distiller v a landlord
  • Entrepreneurs

Liz Davies writes beautifully and empathetically and her portrayal of Logan’s Mother, Marie was another example of her superlative, Intelligent writing. I was however uncertain and a little uneasy as to the meaning behind the hold that Marie seemed to have over him. As the Mother of a Son, I know that it can be hard to let go, and that no woman is ever really good enough for your perfect offspring, but this felt like something more. I felt that she did not auger well for any future rapport between the otherwise foolproof coupling.

It appears that Logan may have a rival though, in the form of the local farmer, Sam. To be honest, both men seemed infinitely eligible and suitable for Violet!

I was delighted come across Juliette and Silas and Nell again; akin to bumping into old friends (The eclectic Ticklemore characters do tend to grow on you).

As Logan and Violet discussed collaborating, they were beginning to sound increasingly perfect as a couple and my hopes were raised, provided that his Mother didn’t put too much of a spanner in the works!

Please read this wonderful, uplifting tale for yourself, to find out whether or not Marie can come around to Logan having love in his life.

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