Hot Desk – Zara Stonely

I could immediately empathise with Alice, having currently been working from home for the past seventeen months due to COVID, and indeed having been told we will never be going back to working in the office like we did before.

Alice was a great character and her dynamic with Jamie in the office was great fun. There was plenty of humour in this book, which I liked, the best moment for me being when Dave’s Mum turns up with her ‘special package’. She was almost too nice, and struggled to be assertive enough with Dave, who struggled to u Derby’s do the status of their relationship!

The relationship between Alice and Jamie developed at a really nice pace, with a slight hiccup in the middle, which Jamie could be forgiven for. I loved the sense of family in this book; Alice came from a wonderful, close family, from the Sister who liked to share, to the Sister with the terrible scarring; you could tell how close Alice was to them all, but could see why she valued her own space!

A really great novel, keeping up with the current state of affairs in the world, guaranteed to make you laugh and smile.

Use this link, to treat yourself to a copy of this heartwarming book:


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