The Dating Game – Sandy Barker

Abby makes a living writing reviews for a dating game show; her editor wants her to be at the heart of the action, which results in Abby being shipped of to Australia to actually take part in the next season of StagManor’, which seems to be a kind of Love Island/Big Brother hybrid. What can possibly go wrong!

Abby’s first impressions of her fellow ‘Does’ waiting for the Stag’ to show up, are much as I would expect, ranging from über bitch to fairly normal. Those at the über end of the scale seem particularly unpleasant. In fact they seemed so unpleasant that I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not they too were ‘plants’? After all, surely no one can genuinely be that odious? I don’t think for a moment that the author knows what it’s like to be on a prime time reality/dating show, but the way that the show was portrayed came across as very realistic to an oblivious bystander like me!

The ‘Stag’, Daniel came across as pretty shallow – constantly thinking about how what he does or says will look on camera. I felt that the more unpleasant characters amongst the women, were welcome to him.

This is a quirky book, with elements of humour, for example for Abby, having to go on a horse riding date, despite being scared of horses. Oops – her back story painted her as an accomplished horsewoman!

The author did a fantastic job of telling this story as though she really did have a mole inside a dating show. Abby came across as thoroughly likeable and an all round decent person, not prepared to compromise her personal values.

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