The Juggle – Ellie Barker

When Dan Whitehead, a local news reporter, commits career suicide on-screen, isn’t it the most natural thing for him and his part-time producer Wife Molly, to swap roles for a month? Will this see the make or break of their ailing marriage? What could possibly go wrong?

Molly isn’t at all keen, until she is given the alternative, which would see them both fired. Dan has no idea what Molly does with her time, only working one day per week; it sounds as though he never took ‘childcare and housekeeping-101’; what could possibly go right!?

If the truth be known, Mollie doesn’t think she is up to the job and her unhelpful inner voice keeps reassuring her that this is the case. Molly is actually doing really well, but what is her success doing to her already struggling marriage? Can Dan cope with her doing his job so successfully? His inner voices aren’t really helping either.

Both parties are harbouring hidden secrets; Dan has got his finances in a mess – again – he ended up in hospital, last time and Molly has never told Dan the truth about the old flame that she has gone to America to interview. How can their relationship survive this secrecy?

Dan seemed an unpalatable character with a big ego, who couldn’t accept that his wife could do a better job than him. He seems jealous of the fact that everyone who knows Molly loves and respects her.

I really felt for Molly, the way that she had no confidence in herself; the way she was portrayed was so realistic – the way so many women allow themselves to be undermined by their partners. it was sad to read, in that it was such an accurate portrayal. I found myself aching for Molly to believe in herself and to see herself how others see her.

When Molly goes away to America for the interview, more to it than meets the eye? Is Molly and Dan’s relationship based on lies and omissions? Do they both rely too much on a self-help podcast? Can their relationship overcome a blast from Molly’s past? To answer this and many more questions, you will have to read this book for yourself.

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