Matchmaking at Port Willow – Kiley Dunbar

I have said many times that I tend to review books by authors that I like, knowing that I will enjoy those books. Life is undoubtedly too short, to spend reading books that you are not enjoying. I was therefore utterly buoyed to be given the privilege of reviewing Kiley Dunbar’s latest book, Matchmaking at Port Willow. I shall endeavour to savour this invariable treat.

For me, the idea of a hotel offering craft based retreats sound amazing, and in reality, I would love to book myself in. I really liked the way that this book jumped on the the current bandwagon that covers popular arts and crafts, and creates a wonderful read for both craft enthusiasts and Kiley Dunbar fans alike.

Atholl and Beatrice made for a wonderful couple and I warmed to them as immediately as I warmed to the concept of the craft hotel. i still liked Beatrice, despite her apparent desperation to find the Inn’s next great love story.

Nina was certainly thrown a double, simultaneous doozy in both her work and private life and one couldn’t help but feel for her and the circumstances she found herself in, whilst ’L’ was a rat of the finest order, unworthy of a mention by his full name. If I were Nina, I could imagine wanting to sleep through the festive period! The author homed in on how difficult it can be for a woman coming out of a relationship, particularly when the man has been on the controlling side; woman can find themselves neglecting their girlfriends, in order to give their man the attention they crave – only to find oneself somewhat alone, once the relationship ends. A cautionary note to women everywhere, to always find time for your girlfriends.

Beatrice has clearly suffered in the past, and was portrayed most empathetically. A clear reminder that one size most certainly does not fit all. Whilst one woman might find solace in a leaflet detailing her miscarriage, other women might find this far too little to make even a dent in how they are feeling. Regardless, the way Beatrice’s feelings were narrated must surely be of some help to women in the same situation – if only to make them realise that they are not alone and they are not the only one. Despite worries about her past repeating itself, Beatrice seems to be in possession of a certain joi de vivre and it felt as though she would like nothing better than for her matchmaking activities to succeed again.

This a fabulous story of love, family, bereavement, and dealing with loneliness, that will be hard to surpass with its utter charm and air of sensitivity. Whats not to love!

I will however leave it to you to read this great book for yourself, in order to get answers to the many questions posed; will Beatrice’s matchmaking succeed? Will Nina come out of herself? Will we see some happy endings or some heartbreak?

To buy this book for yourself, just use this link:

To purchase this book for yourself, just use this link:


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