Falling in Florence – Joy Skye

What a treat. I love the idea of being able to afford a first class holiday where cost is no bar and you can live a life of luxury, having and doing anything you like. Since this is not a reality for me, I shall holiday vicariously through the amazing Sublime Retreats, an organisation that is starting to feel like an old friend to me.

I like the humour in Joy Skye’s books and this one did not fail to amuse. I was particularly tickled by the interaction between Peter (who readers of the previous books in this series know, is sublime personified) and Sofia. He matched Sofia’s nervousness with sheer kindness – but as I have implied before, this was not unexpected of Peter.

Could Sofia be at a an immediate disadvantage due to rumours about her family, before she has even started her new role as Peter’s PA? I do hope not, as I found myself immediately warming to Sofia as a character. i must admit, it’s little snippets like this that add hugely to the intrigue (and subsequently my enjoyment) in a book. I found myself wholeheartedly looking forward to more mysterious goings on as the book progressed.

Family means everything to me and I liked that Sofia and her family seemed to have those same family values. I loved that her Father tried to be encouraging about Sofias new job, when it was fairly obvious that he would rather Sofia stayed working in the family restaurant for ever!

All that was left was the hope of a little romance for Sofia; that would make this book complete – romance, travel to sunny climes and elements of mystery. What’s not to love!

I wasn’t sure what to make of Adam; whilst there seemed to be obvious, immediate chemistry between him and Sofia, he seemed determined to fight it, no doubt discouraged by the seeds of doubt about Sofia’s family! planted by his retired police officer Father.

I was left with the hope that Adam’s Father would be proven wrong, or the vain hope that Adam might come to realise that if his Father was right about Sofia’s Father, he didn’t need to paint Sofia with the same brush. The chance of romance between these two beautiful, young creatures just seemed too good to ignore, especially when fate conspires, to send them off on a property reconnoissance trip to Florence together!

Will they, won’t they. I certainly know which camp I’m in, but you will have to read this great book for yourself to find out.

To purchase this book for yourself, just use this link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09BZWXDH5


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