Landlord of Hummingbird House – Jane Harvey

The inhabitants of Hummingbird House are an interesting, if eclectic bunch; almost like university shared accommodation, but for a whole range of ages.

I like a book with a bit of mystery and this book had it ‘in pages’. Why is Dai grieving? Why is he like he is? Why did Paul give up being a chef? What is Joy’s relationship to Rosie? Is Tom seeing another woman?

April seemed to bring fresh air to the group, such was her joi de vivre, even if she did have a tendency to make assumptions about people. Paul and Dai both seem troubled.

Betty just seems hell bent on bringing people together.

The author made a fantastic job of creating an unusual cast of characters, bringing them and their backstories together under one roof. The way each individual was portrayed was both sympathetic and empathetic. I think that anyone suffering from the same kind of issues would take solace from this intelligent writing. I became so engrossed in this book and was just sad that the story ended so soon. Might I suggest a sequel, honing in on some of the back stories not yet touched upon?

To read for yourself, use this link:


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