The Cosy Cottage in Ireland – Julie Caplin

What a delight, to be reacquainted with old friends, in sisters Hannah and Mina and a fantastic treat to be given the opportunity to follow Hannah’s story and to get to know her a bit better this time.

I admired Hannah, as someone who didn’t/couldn’t cook – giving up her job, to attend a culinary school in Ireland for 6 weeks. Actually, I either admired her, or was astonished by this uncharacteristic move, in that those who can’t cook tend not to want to cook, and most certainly don’t enjoy cooking. This could turn out to be a VERY long 6 week period of time for Hannah and she could become desperate for the help of her more culinarily inclined Sister, Mina.

Hannah has a bit of an ’incident’ in the hotel where she is staying one evening, but not to worry – its not as though she’ll ever see the guy again?

As you can no doubt tell, I warmed to Hannah, as I had done with her Sister in a previous book. These two young women have turned a tricky childhood into a modern day grown up success story. As I read though, I was having doubts about Hannah – more precisely I was worrying about what has driven her to give up her job and come to Ireland for a cookery course, when she has never, to my knowledge, shown any kind of leaning towards doing that. I felt there was an element of mystery as to how Hannah had ended up in Ireland; hopefully we will get some answers. She does mention ’wanting to butt out if real life’. I do love a bit of intrigue though and it has no doubt added to my enjoyment of this book.

I loved the way that Connor and Hannah interacted with each other. There was tangible chemistry between the pair. A prime example was when they ate out together. It was almost as though they were performing a sexy dance like an Argentine tango together, such were their movements and the way they communicated; each obviously hiding something; both giving out just enough information about themself, but obviously guarded and taking care not to relay too much information. Again I found myself increasingly consumed by this pair and their stories and desperate to get to the bottom of what was going on. The whole story was becoming, in the words of the great Lewis Caroll ’Curiouser and curiouser’ and I was struggling to put the book down.

Picture the scene. A non cook on a 6 week gourmet cookery course, comes face to face with the guy that she has just had a one night stand with (NB not only a one night stand, but a following morning sneak out of shame to boot) when he turns out to be the Son of the cookery school owner). Its uncertain as to whom is most shocked, since neither was particularly open or honest about why they were in Ireland. Still that is surely such a far fetched idea that would never happen……or would it? In so far as Conor is concerned, there is certainly more to him than meets the eye.

Conor came across to me as a likeable, amiable chap, although as I’ve implied, we don’t have a clear picture of his past or present. He had a tendency to be prickly and defensive – but why? Has he been hurt in the past, or is there some kind of dark secret that is making him like he is?

Fate brings the pair closer together – although it seems that they protest a little too much!

This beguiling read had me oozing with questions. I really wanted to know what was going on with Conor and his past and I was intrigued by his oddly behaved neighbour Moss Murphy. What on earth was he up to? As for Hannah, what was the real story behind her coming to Ireland? How will she cope with the new temporary living arrangements? Will she be able to keep her hands off Conor? Will Hannah actually learn to be able to / to love cooking? Will Hannah put her experience of boundary law to use? And last but not least, who, of Conor and Hannah, is the biggest fat eejit?

To find out these answers and more, you will need to read this marvellous book for yourself.

This is a beautiful, eloquent story about unrequited love and love at first sight, that left me enchanted and desperately wanting more.

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