A Christmas Wish on a Carousel – Lottie Cardew

I was instantly drawn both by the cover of this book and by the title and I couldn’t wait to read it.

I liked the sense of mystery in this book. Why was Cara still living free of charge in the annexe of the house owned by her former employer, when she hadn’t been their Nanny for years? Why does she perform man ’duties’ for family, when she is no longer employed by them? Why can’t she say no? Why was the broken snow globe so precious? Had something happened to Cara’s parents? Why does Cara need ’Dutch Courage’ just to go out for a drink with Greg? Why does Cara feel uncomfortable merely talking about her past? Does she subconsciously self destruct, when it comes to relationships? Why do her friends feel the need to be so protective of her? Why does every relationship end up in self-sabotage? What is she hiding about her past? What’s the story re Des and Uncle Wilf?

My mind was consumed with intrigue, the minute I started reading and I was fully invested in Cara being granted a fantastical wish, following her mystical carousel ride at the local Christmas fair. This ride did actually conjure up an eerie, evocative, almost magical sense of deja vu the next day! Had that ride really happened, or was it the product of an overactive imagination? After all, who else remembered seeing the carousel!

‘Uncle’ Wilf and Greg were both interesting additions to the storyline, albeit 2 very different characters. But, could either or both be considered a potential love interest for Cara? That does remain to be seen, although the fact that Cara refers to Greg as ’Great on paper Greg’ almost doesn’t auger well for him! Can the ‘sensible’ choice trump the potentially more dangerous, yet ultimately more exciting choice?

Octogenarian? Perdita makes an interesting entrance into Cara’s life. In face despite her age she seems to be a breathe of fresh air in Cara’s life; quite philosophical. Upon hearing about Cara’s date with Greg, she beseeches Cara to ‘Make sure he makes your heart sing, Cara!’ What wonderful, inspiring words, despite her advancing years. More hopefuls embarking on a new relationship would do well to heed those words! In truth though, Perdita seems almost as unreal and ethereal as the Christmas market carousel ride.

I felt for Cora – that her parents had died in quick succession, unable to live without each other. The author dealt with Cara’s feelings with the utmost empathy and I felt this would be a comfort for anyone going through the same kind of trauma in real life. it takes genuine talent to write so sympathetically and this little snippet of Cara’s back story contributed towards explaining why she behaves in the way that she does. It doesn’t however explain why Jojo treats Cara in the way she does. But is Jojo right, that things with Des are not as they should be?

From the very beginning this great book is crammed with mystery, but you will of course have to read on for yourself to find out the answers, although you will have to appeal to your spiritual side to grasp a proper understanding of the story. This story was a bit different, but that difference shone out like the brightest star in the sky and compounded my enjoyment of the whole thing; indeed I felt thoroughly touched by the whole story.

Oh why did I start reading this book so late in the evening that I become so compelled to read on, that I end up staying up all night reading! Take heed, or staying up all night may be your fate too!

To purchase this book for yourself: https://bit.ly/AChristmasWishOnACarouselcx


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