The Reboot – Clodagh Murphy

I really liked the concept of a pair of people, meeting up again after ten years; both ready to kickstart their lives. I felt immediate empathy for both Roly and Ella – both at a crossroads in their life, albeit for different reasons. They were both just so likeable, that I wanted their lives to be better and if that being better could be together, then that would be an added bonus as far as I am concerned.

It felt to me as though this book laid bare the realities of life as a ‘popstar’ – how what we see and perceive is so far from the truth as to almost be laughable. I felt genuine sadness for Roly, that his life had come to its current point with having actually achieved very little. He had been so young and naive and yet all the public remembered about him was his issue with drugs. What about the good things he did and the fact that he was a novelty in the boy band, for actually having any modicum of musical talent?

I loved the office at Ella’s new job. It just sounded like my dream office, although I’m not sure how much work I’d get done – preferring to luxuriate in its utter funkiness.

We know that Roly and Ella know each other from way back, but I just felt overcome with a desire for them to reunited; indeed I felt truly happy when they met again. A joyous occasion. The idea of the pair house sharing also filled my with equal parts of anticipation and excitement and the actuality brought the advent of ’Operation Reboot’ – a chance for them both to start over.

I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the themes running through this book, but the standout strand for me was around sticking up for what you believe in – standing upfor what you inherently think is right.

Ridiculously, one of my favourite things about the whole book – a new word – Spelunking – I just want to keep on saying it, wallowing in the way it rolls off my tongue like a bizarre new, but compelling flavour; saying it, again and again and again…..

I shall endeavour not to ruin too much of this super book, and merely implore you to buy it for yourself to find out what happens. Please use this link to purchase The Reboot for yourself :


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