Under the Mistletoe – Sue Moorcroft

It is a dilemma; by choosing to read books by authors whose work I love, am I setting myself up for a fail? With an author such a s Sue Moorcroft, this is a ‘no-brainer’ as her books never fail to bring me pleasure, and I’m sure that someone more celebrated than me must have said that ’life is too short for reading books that you don’t love’, at some point. With this in mind, I am settling down for a great read! When an author writes a series of books, I have oft wondered how on earth they remember who everyone is, how they are related and what they do, so I was fascinated to read in the acknowledgements for the book, that Sue Moorcroft’s Brother maintains a Middledip Bible, to keep track of all the characters in the village!

Laurel is a thoroughly decent sort – illustrated by the fact that she persuades her niece not to spread pictures of Mac on social media, despite that fact that Laurel and Mac have history from their previous years. We don’t initially know what Mac and his friends did, but we do know that Laurel has neither forgotten nor forgiven. I suspected that Mac was remembering what happened and was feeling guilty. I also thought there might be some unfinished romantic business between Laurel and Grady. I can live in hope, anyway!

Rea’s agoraphobia is portrayed in a way that is both eloquent and empathetic. Her situation would most certainly be seen sympathetically by those similarly afflicted, as would Laurel’s role in trying to help.

I found myself completely gripped by this story and I could not put it down. I was able to relate to the characters and I felt the utmost empathy for Laurel and her past. I was totally gripped by the will they/won’t they aspect of Laurel and Grady’s relationship. Read this book today to get into the festive spirit, or why not buy a copy for someone special.

Purchase link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Under-Mistletoe-Sue-Moorcroft-ebook/dp/B0918SXFN2/


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