Starry Skies in Ferry Lane Market – Nicola May

What a treat – another visit to the Ferry Lane Market and an opportunity to dip into the lives of Kara and Star, 2 much loved characters from the last book, once again. I was also thrilled to see Kara and Billy still getting on so famously.

Once again I loved the descriptive language in this book, and at times, when I closed my eyes, I could have been in Cornwall. I adored the way that the Ferry Lane characters lived and worked together as such a cohesive community, and felt as though I wanted to live there myself. There was something about the characters – they just felt so very real.

Despite having her Daughter at a very young age, Star has done so well for herself, but I agreed that it was time she had some fun and did something for herself, but I can see why she worries, as her Daughter is the age Star was when she had her!

Star’s card reading had predicted 2 men in her life. Frank’s nephew Conor, who is staying for a while could be the first – but is he a ’goodun’ or not? If he’s anything like his Uncle Frank, he will be alright! Star still seems to be pining after Jack, with whom she had a previous dalliance though – he could well be the second chap, but he is in New York.

I felt for Star, because her Mother was so useless – positively hard work. Despite this, Star was a great Mother herself and I admired her immensely. Star just didn’t deserve all that she had on her plate.

Daz had my utmost sympathy for the way that he was so worried about breaking his news; I was just sad that the twins Dad took it so badly. I hoped he would come around.

When things are starting to look settled, of course a ‘cat has to upset the pigeons’ – when the market gets a surprise visit and Star gets some surprise news.

This is a beautiful story, about love, family, community and above all friendship. There are however so many questions:

  • Is Star over Jack?
  • Is there a future for Conor and Star?
  • Who is Star’s father?
  • What is Star keeping a secret?
  • What is Star’s dilemma?
  • What is the connection between Kara and Star?

Of course you will have to read this great book for yourself, to find out what happens, but I will let on that we can look forward to another future instalment about the lives of the Ferry Lane Market folk.

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