Winging It – Emma Murray

What a treat – the next instalment in the lives of Saoirse and David and their outlook on love, friendship and parenting. The thing is, will they find their tribe in New York – and will that tribe be different to the suburban London tribe they are used to? Regardless, I’m sure there will be many laughs along the way!

I loved the way that Saoirse’s Mother could read her like a book – it made me feel right at home! I was also overcome with a massive wave of empathy, at the thought of staying in a New York apartment with one bedroom and no washing machine, for a year, especially with a young child! I must admit, when things weren’t really going to plan in New York (understatement of the year), to a little moistness around the eyes, when Saoirse’s best friends turn up on her new doorstep!

I adored the essence of friendship running throughout this book; the way that you can be happy around your closest friends, neither saying nor doing anything – just soaking up each other’s auras – the mere togetherness. Those are the best types of friends and Saoirse is blessed in that respect.

My curiosity was aroused by the Westmont beach house – who owned it and why were they watching the family? What did the owner have to do with Bonnie? Regardless, it sounded idyllic and a far better environment in which to be living with a young family. Indeed most of the people seemed so much friendlier, for starters. Once we were introduced to Beth, the landlady, I was interested to know why she was so distant. But, however distant, I would rather have 100 Beths than 1 Brigitte, another school Mum, who seemed frankly, awful. I was also intrigued by the identity of the person leaving negative reviews about Saoirse’s book – just who would do such a thing?

This book was full of funny moments, but I had a real laugh out loud moment, at the idea of life doing a full 360 degree turn, when school playground life across the Pacific starts to mirror that which Saoirse thought she had left behind in London. One thought though – will we be treated to a further installment

Can Saoirse find happiness in New York and will the mysteries be resolved? You will have to read this great book for yourself to find out.


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