Toni’s Blind Date – Rosie Dean

What a great concept, from an author whose work I have enjoyed before; will this pair of TV blind dates
succeed in love, when neither has done so before?

I genuinely felt for Toni – the speed with which Spencer dumped her, after she miscarried their unplanned pregnancy. In this kind of situation, it is very east for everyone on the outside to consider that she was better off without him, if that was how he was going to behave, but that didn’t make the situation any easier for Tony, and she had my sympathy. I did feel that the author dealt with the situation with the appropriate pragmatism and empathy.

I also felt for Will – getting dumped and then losing his contract, just when he had got his living arrangements on track again.

The pair of them seemed like decent human beings and did not deserve the unfortunate circumstances in which they found themselves, through no fault of their own. I loved the way t hst Will noticed tiny little things about Toni – a sign that he is pretty smitten!

A series of unfortunate events, lead to Will and Toni going off on a date abroad, skiing together; just how they got into this situation certainly showcased the humour that pervaded the book! Indeed, I found myself laughing out loud – the irony – when Will was on the phone to Toni’s Dad, mid date, pretending to her that he was talking to his own Father!

  • Would Will feel that he had been misled by Toni when he finds our who she is?
  • Ditto for Toni, when she discovers that Will was he Dad’s ’plan’? (At least they are both hiding something).
  • Would the pair actually get on – might things even progress between them?
  • Might Rick claim Will’s ideas as his own?
  • Will the skiing trip be a success?
  • What will Toni make of Will’s business arrangements?
  • Can Toni’s parents truly be friends again?

The story delves deep into Toni’s various relationships; one can but hope that the delving isn’t too deep – and subsequently painful, for Toni and her family – they seem such nice, genuine people. Some home truths about the past most certainly come to the fore with a bit of a jolt!

This was a delightfully entertaining book, with old fashioned undertones, especially pertaining to Will’s outlook on romance. His disregard for the usual innuendo-laden mode d’emploi of the average episode of the dating show, was refreshing, and highlighted what a decent guy he was. The pair seem to agree that a dating show would not normally be their ’thing’ but they are united in trying to make the best if the bizarre circumstance they find themselves in, having to go away together, whilst being filmed for a TV show. The whole situation was rather reminiscent of TV’ blind date at its cheesiest. Whilst the erstwhile singletons were away on their date, watching their relationship develop was akin to watching a beautiful plant come into bloom in slow motion – but like a flower, will this fledgling relationship quickly fade and die, once it has reached its full potential, or will it continue to flourish like a beautiful evergreen specimen?

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One thought on “Toni’s Blind Date – Rosie Dean

  1. This does sound unique. I’m not a fan of dating shows, but this sounds like they are not fans either. I”m so glad you enjoyed it and was able to laugh throughout the book. It sounds like fun.

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