Christmas Surprises at Mermaids Point – Sarah Bennett

What better way to ease into the coming season, than a festive visit to my old friends in Mermaid Point; I am very much looking forward to revisiting the old characters and perhaps being introduced to some new ones. I did notice the quote on the cover about wanting to move to Mermaids Point, and immediately felt the need to add myself as the next person on the list to make that move – in my dreams! I also noted that the book was dedicated to Jessica Redland, who, alongside Sarah Bennett, is a favourite author of mine. I’m not quite sure why, but this both piqued my curiosity and made me happy – the thought that two of my favourite authors might be friends?

I really felt for Nerissa – the way that she wanted the first Christmas with her ready made family, to be absolutely perfect, but I worried for her – worried that she was putting too much pressure up herself, rather than just letting things be.

I must confess to feeling a little emotional upon reading about Max and Emily’s surprise for Tom and Nerissa – such thought from two youngsters – guaranteed to melt the steeliest of hearts,

I had the upmost empathy for Alex; it seemed as though he would welcome some love in his life, yet is terrified if getting hurt again. Is this what is fuelling his writer’s block. Regardless, I would love to see him to get together with the delightful Ivy, who just oozes ‘special’ from every pore. I cannot forget the way that she helped Tom reunite his children, and Narissa, not only with the repair of their precious childhood keepsake in this book’s predecessor, but with the advent of the memory bear, by which to remember their late Mother. Ivy undoubtedly has the kindest soul. I can’t imagine that there would be too many eligible singletons in a small place like Mermaids Point, so surely she must give Alex a second glance when he visits!? I can live in hope?

I enjoyed this book tremendously, and loved way that it seemed to emit joy through its wondrous, empathetic characters, together with the amazing descriptive language. It may be small in terms of the number of pages, but it was bursting with humour, wonder and delight, bound together with the superglue that is family and embellished with Christmas cheer. Indeed a fly on the wall at the Morgan family Christmas convivialities would surely be getting a front row seat to the most perfect family’s superlative festive celebrations? A point to observe though; the Morgans put paid to any notions of blood being thicker than water, with the all encompassing way that they welcome all comers into their family unit, and treat them as their kin. I must correct myself; not only do I want to live in Mermaids Point, but I would also like to be welcomed into the nurturing arms of the phenomenal Morgan family.

I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but:

  • Will Jake have an answer for his Mum?
  • Will Alex find love?
  • Has Alex banished Jo from his thoughts for good?
  • Will Narissa overcome her demons, to have the perfect festive season?

In all, this was beautiful book about a group of beautiful people that did not disappoint. It set the scene perfectly for the two further books to come in the series, promised in the Author’s note at the end of the book. Therein lies my only disappointment; but still, 2 more books in the series is far better than none!

To buy this great book for yourself, just use this link:


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