A Winter Wedding at Mistletoe Gate Farm – Helen Rolfe.

I have read many of Helen Rolfe’s books before and I can honestly say that I have consistently been bowled over by their unique combination of charm and fun. I am therefore looking forward to reviewing this book, with great anticipation, especially since it promises a festive visit to the wonderful Heritage Cove.

I love the way that this book is part of a series. There is something lovely about starting reading a new book anyway, but embarking on a new book in a series (when you have so enjoyed the previous oferrings) is something truly special; a chance to catch up on the lives of much loved characters and the opportunity to meet some more special people. I found myself as desperate as the rest of the cove, for Tilly and Ben to get it together, although I shared Benjamin’s concerns about his parents. I wasn’t sure what to make of Scott and I couldn’t help but worry that he could have something to do with the break in at Tilly’s parents. However, I hoped not, for Tilly’s sake, as she has such a kind heart and I think she would struggle to see the wrong in anyone. There is always something in the old adage though, about things being too good to be true…….

This instalment sees us joining the Heritage Cove residents, in the aftermath of a big storm; many people have had to fork out for repairs to windows and the like, but it seems that the repairs to the Barney’s Barn, a popular wedding venue, were far from superficial, putting the wedding of beloved Cove residents, Melissa and Harvey in jeopardy. I felt the utmost empathy for the to-be-weds

I loved the idea of having the wedding at Benjamin’s parents farm – it sounded idyllic, and a good starter for a new arm to their business. I really hoped that their relationship was also on track. I loved this book – full of unbeatable festive cheer.

To purchase for yourself: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09BRF5KDF


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