A Christmas Surprise – Rosie Green

What a treat it is to visit Sunnybrook, synonymous with the Little Duck Pond Cafe at any time of the year, but especially at Christmas.

I felt so much empathy for Tina, but was convinced that she was actually doing too well, following the death of her Mother the previous year. I am a firm believer that bottling things up, akin to an active volcano, or a geyser, simply isn’t healthy. I was glad that she had a friend like Meg, to look out for her.

This story did make me think about my life, and the fact that I can see my Mum or talk to her, whenever I want – in future I will appreciate that fact more, as one never knows what is around the corner! It also felt like a salutary reminder to us all, to think about those have no family or nowhere to go for the festive period, as well as those, like Tina, who have experienced a tragic loss over the Christmas period, and thereafter, struggle to celebrate like before.

I found myself willing for things to go well with Mark; perhaps he had an identical twin brother, with a girlfriend – although in my heart I guess I knew he was a rat!

in all, I enjoyed this gentle, joyous Christmas story and it did give me food for thought. I was also delighted to read the news about the next Little Duck Pond Cafe book, due early next year. I can’t wait!



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