Wishing Under a Starlight Skye – Lisa Hobman

Someone once said to me that life is too short to spend it reading books you don’t love. I couldn’t agree more and that is why I didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity from @raresources to review Lisa Hobman’s latest novel. I was particularly thrilled to discover that this book was based in Glentorrin and revisited some places and characters from a previous novel, a case in point being the fabulous actress Ruby Locke – the thought of another story involving Ruby felt like the chance to catch up with an old friend, to me.

The prologue was one heck of an emotional start to a book, and it made me feel so sad, that someone could react to Caitlin’s news in such a barbaric, antiquated way. I think my sadness was compounded because it felt so realistic and I found myself reeling at the thought of loved ones behaving in such a barbaric, unforgivable manner. Truly terrible. Conversely what was magnificent however, was Lisa Hobman’s descriptions of 1980’s decor – absolutely on point!

I was genuinely happy to discover that Caitlin’s Mother had eventually apologised for her abhorrent behaviour, some years before her death, and had had the opportunity to meet her Granddaughter.

Caitlin is looking to expand upon her non existent love life and her nearest and dearest are not reticent in handing out advice! I did think that having a varied love life on a tiny Scottish island was a bit of a tall ask, but I did think that Cora’s Dad, Lyle, sounded most promising! I did feel for Caitlin when she made a but of an entrance at the local singles night, especially given the close-knit community that she lived in!

Yet again I loved the descriptive language in this book and I felt that I was being familiarised with Glentorrin. When I closed my eyes I almost felt as though I were actually there, soaking up the sights, smells and sounds.

I enjoyed debating Caitlin’s love life with myself, but wasn’t overly impressed with the candidacy that was Archie and Lyle. I felt as though Caitlin shared my doubts. Archie it seems was auto-dismissed due to their past youthful past, but it was almost as though this past was auto-affecting any future that the love-seeking couple could potentially have. Lyle seemed perfect, but I did start to wonder about him and his right wing views and whether these would prove one step too far in the ladder that is romance for Caitlin.

One thing I was confident in was that Caitlin would find herself a suitable mate, after going without for so long, so why not join me in Caitlin’s journey, where one thing for certain outshines all else – Caitlin’s unrequited love for Grace.








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