Finding Edith Pinsent – Hazel Ward

I was so pleased to be given the opportunity to review this book, having enjoyed its predecessor immensely.

I found myself enchanted by the way that Netta was looking into her home’s previous owner’s history, by going through all the old documents left in Edith Pinsent’s former house, when many would have put it straight into a skip! i was also pleased to see the relationships with Netta and her children still going from strength to strength, after the wobbles in the previous book.

I liked the clever way that the book interchanged chapters about the present with chapters based in Edith’s heyday. In particular, Edie’s war memoirs were fascinating, although the story regarding Jimmy was heartbreaking.

I found myself curious to know what had happened to Edie’s Robert, and hoped that he had not met an untimely end and I loved the writing about Bill and Eddie; it was totally heart-rending.

Ijust hoped that by reading Edie’s diaries, Netta might be able to come to terms with her demons, having recognised the parallels in her own life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and found it refreshingly different with its mixture of social history and the present day. I don’t want to give too much away though, so you will need to read this great book for yourself.


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