The Cocktail Bar – Isabella May

Well, I didn’t hesitate for a moment upon being asked to review this book, having enjoyed its predecessor, #TwinkleTwinkleLittleBar so much. I am so looking forward to this next chapter in the lovely River’s life, as I previously found him to be such a fabulously compelling character, for whom one would wish nothing but good things. I was also indelibly drawn to the front cover of the book; it looked good enough to eat?

This book was dedicated to ‘all of those in need of magic’. Well, I can attest that this book most certainly afforded me a few magical hours, getting away from it all.

I liked the way that River hinted to his customers of an aire of mystique, by refusing to serve anyone with more than two drinks on any one night; it seemed like very clever marketing to me. As the book progressed though, I felt increasingly uncertain of Georgina and her underhand ways and I looked forward to her having her comeuppance. Conversely I loved the way that River was with Alice; he was such a gentleman. I found myself just hoping that River would find his precious envelope, stolen when his bar was thrashed by thugs. I really River’s sense of loyalty and the way he genuinely looked out for his friends; this amplified my worries about anyone looking to take advantage of him.

If you share my thoughts and are as desperate as me to see River and Alice get together, then you will need to read on for yourself.

To buy this book, just use this link:


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