Starting Over at Primrose Woods – Jill Steeples

I loved the front cover for this book and could think of nothing more relaxing than settling down to read it on a wintry Sunday night. I hadn’t read this author before, but my heart gladdened when I saw hat this book was from Boldwood Books, whose books I seem to enjoy without fail.

I immediately warmed to Abbey and just hoped against all hopes, that her partner Jason, was genuinely working ’all hours’ as opposed to being up to no good. Some kind of foul play was however seeming increasingly likely, despite my romantic notions.

Primrose Wood sounded utterly delightful, from the author’s descriptions. Indeed the descriptive dialog was such that I made a conscious effort not to research the wood’s provenance, because I so wanted it to be a real place – its beauty had somehow captivated me at a very early stage and I didn’t want to sully its aura in any way. I admit to being entranced by Abbey’s advice, when feeling down, to ’follow one of the trails, or else find a peaceful spot to sit and watch the world go by’. it sounded like a pretty solid recommendation to me.

I loved Rhianna as a character. She had guts to go to Abbey and apologise about Jason, even though she had no fault in the matter. I also liked that she offered to fly to Australia with Lizzie.she was basically a kind soul through and through.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Lizzie and Sam, and found myself imagining a fledgeling ‘relationship, such was the obvious (to anyone but themselves) chemistry between them. I did find myself at times, wishing that one could somehow titrate a relationship, in much the same way that a diabetic adjusts their insulin regime. AIas it transpired that there was a bit too much of an age gap between the pair. Regardless, I found myself in possession of a palpable soft spot for Lizzie and the way she loved life, despite her Husband having died young. Luke came across adorably and I must admit to holding out a little hope for something happening between him and Rhianna. As for Sam, I began to see that he was far more appropriate as a suitor for Abbey – a potential match made in heaven – or in Primrose Woods at least! As for Primrose Woods, I was seriously beginning to wonder about Abbey’s Dad and Lizzie?

I do like a mystery, and this book was full of twists and turns. I did however wonder about the new owner of Primrose Hall, the local stately home in the woods. Could it be that one of the characters I have grown to love – preferably Sam, but maybe Luke, is the wealthy new owner, ploughing money into its restoration? An idea for the next book in the series?

Primrose Woods is a kind if magical place; a panacea for all one’s woes and I could see why Abbey found solace in its branches. I just hoped that it might bring her a more physical means of healing, but it felt like a bit tall of an ask to find Abbey new peace in both her old love life and in the fledgling throes of something new. Saying that, I was inordinately proud of the way that Abbey politely listened to Jason and his ridiculous apology, and then threw him out. Abbey’s Dad’s appearance did nothing but cement Abbey’s already steadfast family ties.

In all I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it was as though Primrose Woods was at the very heart of the story, and the fledgeling romances within the book, reflected the roots of the trees, hopefully growing equally strong and steadfast, ready to stand the test of time.

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