Love Lessons in Starcross Valley – Lucy Knott

I found myself enchanted by this novel from the very beginning, with its splendid, colourful cover, and I just hoped that it would live up to my expectations.

Marnie has returned to her home town after a long Canadian road trip, taken to get over her ex, Josh. While in Vancouver she spent an unforgettable day with Nova, a Canadian palaeontologist, but they parted ways at the end of that amazing day. The break up of her longterm relationship with Josh, as well as that of her parents, has left Marnie with a pretty jaded view on love.

I liked Marnie from the very beginning. I liked the way that she was equally comfortable as half a set of twins, as she was being her own person. She certainly earned the love her family and friends showered her with. I wholeheartedly shared Marnie’s delight at meeting Nova again in the UK, while on a school trip.

As the book progressed, Marnie flowered as a character and I particularly loved the way that she approached her work, going above and beyond what might be expected and being prepared to adjust the curriculum to meet her pupil’s needs, in order to encourage her to flourish.

Will Marnie get together with Nova, now she is in the UK? Could a long distance relationship work? You will have to read this wonderful piece of indulgence for yourself.

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