Under One Roof – Samantha Tonge

Robin in actual fact, deserves a medal, for putting up with the way her Mother, Faye treats her. It’s not surprising that Robin hasn’t seen her for years. Robin was always determined to be a better Mother, but her Daughter Amber doesn’t appreciate the mollycoddling.

Robin is likeable as a character and clearly has a lot of appreciation of family – how it should be. She always had great relationships with her Father and with her Uncle Ralph. Hoover, Faye’s dog provided a little light relief.

This book is an epic tale of family, friendship, love, joy and tragedy, all merged into one story. A book of circles – can they be completed, or do they need to be broken?

Will Robin get the chance to repair old friendships? Can she repair her relationship with Faye? Can Faye break free from the torrid memories of her own Mother and unpleasant childhood?

Uncle Ralph holds many answers – can he help, together with help from beyond the grave from Robin’s Late Father.

This wasn’t simply a book that I thoroughly enjoyed, it was a lesson. A valuable, emotional lesson in family and listening; proof that you can break the cycle of repeating terrible behaviour you yourself have been subjected to. This is a book brimming with hope; proof that it is in your power to mould your own future.

To purchase this book for yourself, just use this link: https://amzn.to/3r7hoHi


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