Sadie’s Spring Surprise – Debbie Viggiano

Sadie’s post break up moping has tried the patience of all her family, three years after the event, but can a new canine companion break her out of the cycle of self despair? This sounded like the perfect solution to me, being fully aware of how attuned pets can be, to our mental turmoil. This book
mixed up the chapters, with some set in the present, and other chapters charting Sadie’s doomed relationship with her former fiancé Felix. I found this background narrative clever, in that it attuned my mind to how Sadie might have felt about her ex and their relationship.

Unfortunately Sadie’s self recovery plans went awry after she ’adopted’ a dog who had been wrongly sent to the dog shelter by a malicious ex, and the upshot was William the beagle’s original owner reclaiming him, leaving Sadie sadder than she was before.

Whilst this book is a standalone story, I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see Becky and Daisy and the village of Little Waterlow, from ’Daisy’s Dilemma’ get a mention. I love it when stories have little nuggets of crossover – its akin to bumping into old friends that you haven’t seen for ages.

Sadie is a loveable character, to the extent that I felt personally affronted by the way her ex and her Sister had treated her in the past. The way Jack treated her felt like a breath of fresh air. It’s a real testament to the writing skills of the author when they create a character about whom you find yourself genuinely caring! I held out great hopes for a future with Sadie and Jack – I just felt as though they could both do with a positive break, having not had very good experiences in the near past.

Jack seemed absolutely made for Sadie, with them sharing many interests, including their love for animals. What could possibly stand in the way of their burgeoning relationship?

I loved this book. It evoked a whole range of emotions in me. I was sad about how Sadie had been treated in the past, and so wanted her to find herself a partner who would treat her properly, but in pursuit of that holy grail, Sadie ends up going through the emotions too – ranging from the humorous, for example the way she speaks to her pets, through to some downright dark moments that you would not wish on anyone. I also loved Sadie’s sense of family, and the idea that you don’t have to be rich in monetary terms, to enjoy the love of your family. Sadie’s family members most definitely had each others backs and Jack’s family seemed an equally solid unit.

I don’t want to spoil this marvellous story for you, by giving too much away, but I implore you to buy it for yourself to find out what happens; you will not be disappointed; and if you haven’t read Annie’s Autumn Escape, or Daisy’s Dilemma please do give them a try too.

Oh and I was thrilled to receive a thank you for my review in the letter at the end of the book. Thank you!

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