Summer in San Sebastian – Joy Skye

What a joy – the chance to holiday vicariously once again, courtesy of the sublime Peter Williams and Sublime Retreats. They conjure up the kind of holidays most people could only dream of.

Abigail and Peter are both headed for Spain. Peter, with a colleague, to source some properties for their portfolio and Abigail – well Abigail seems to be going to Spain to escape from aspects of her life in the UK.

Abigail’s Aunt May, with whom she is going to stay, is a colourful character to say the least, and it seemed certain that she would provide the pick-me-up Abigail needed after the sudden collapse of her relationship. I love the humour that May added, with her constant failure to get her colloquialisms right!

Over in the US, Gabe seems to be a successful business man, but is he happy in his personal life? I suspect not.

Whilst Gabe and Abi didn’t get off to the best of starts, I could tell that there were sparks flying between them and I held out great hopes for them. I think they both deserved a chance of genuine happiness for a change. However both parties seemed to be harbouring secrets – a mixture from the past and present. Can the pair of them overcome any issues they might have? Abi seems to have had a run of men in her life letting her down.

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