One Greek Summer – Kate Frost

The cover of this novel alone was enough to perk me up and put me directly into sunshine holiday mode.

The island of Skopelos sounded divine, the way that it was described in the book, full of unparalleled colour and sunshine. The moment I closed my eyes, I could virtually imagine that Iwas there.

Harlow, has arrived on the island, to work as a location assistant on filming a Hollywood film, but it is clear from the offset that she has something on her mind. Added to this it seems as though she is under pressure from her family to perform in life.

Harlow and Tyler Reed have known each lother for longer than a decade, with their undulating relationship constantly fluctuating between hot and cold, but now fate has, potentially unkindly, brought them together once again, but in a work capacity this time. Tyler and Harlow do seem to know each other very well though, illustrated by Tyler bringing Harlow’s ideal breakfast on set for her, when she left too early for breakfast. I am looking forward to seeing how this relationship fans out. Regardless, Harlow’s Mother, Maeve, is most certainly pleased to see Harlow, which is heart warming, even though the sentiments are not necessarily reciprocated. I sense a ’difficult’ relationship.

I loved the variety of characters in this book, from the calm Harlow, to the scowling (hilariously contra-stereotype) Adonis. Maeve and Harlow just seemed intent on winding each up though.

So my biggest question, is whether or not Maeve and Harlow can start to function within the realms if a normal Mother/Daughter dynamic or not, followed up by whether or not Harlow and Tyler can reconcile.

You will need to read this sunshine blockbuster for yourself to find out the answers.

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