Living Your Best Life – Maxine Morrey

I enjoyed the previous book by Maxine Morrey that I read, so I was looking forward to reading and reviewing this one for you.

From the outside, looking in Bee appears be living her best life, with a large group of close friends that she has had for years. When it becomes apparent that Bee and Luca are the only two singletons left from the group, they are challenged to try internet dating, until Christmas Day. what can possibly go wrong? Are they ignoring the most obvious solution?

I felt for Bee in many ways – the way that she felt so inferior to any of Luca’s well groomed lady friends, to the way that she felt so comfortable with Luca’s family, yet lacked that warmth from her own family. I just wanted to bang Bee and Luca’s heads together for ignoring what seemed like the most obvious solution.

Meanwhile, Bee and Luca automatically hate each others dates, even resorting to being childish at times. In fact at times they don’t like their own dates even! When will these two wake up

Will this pair ever see what everyone around them can see as obvious? You will have to read this wonderful book for yourself, to find out. Maxine Morrey’s books are the fibrous equivalent to the most comfortable evening in with your PJ’s and the best chocolate – both block and hot.

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