An escape to Remember – TA Williams

During uncertain times, I know that I can rely on one of TA Williams books to bring me a wonderful location, a great story and hopefully a gorgeous black Labrador to seal the deal. What more could I ask for? I love these books – the way they seem to comply with a special formula, yet each story remains enticingly unique and entertaining in its own way.

This book started in an explosive way – and I couldn’t help but feel Louise, finding her long term partner in bed with another woman, when she returned from Antigua a day early, after ten weeks away. On second thoughts, her finding him in this compromising position was better done sooner rather than later down the line – although I doubt that would have seemed that way at the time.

I immediately fell in love with the Grand Hotel and its surrounding areas, such were the descriptions and if I closed my eyes tight I could almost be there, and Louise certainly arrived in style, in the hotel’s vintage Rolls Royce. I shared Louse’s positive thoughts about the hotel and found myself genuinely caring about what happened to the hotel and its charismatic but ageing staff.

I liked the humour in the book, for example the description of Louise finding a massive spider under a bed, whilst in the Caribbean. The author also teased me, with the presence of a brown Labrador, but I was pleased when it transpired that Leo the dog was a VERY muddy black lab!

There were unanswered questions posed fairly early on in the book:

  • Why is Louise so reluctant to talk about her relationship status?
  • What are Joseph’s intentions towards her? Is it too late for ’What ifs’?
  • Could anything happen between her and Paolo?
  • Why does Vito seem so familiar – have they met before?

I really enjoyed the way that the relationship between Vito and Louise seemed to develop slowly – appropriately a bit like the fine wines the hotel was producing. I just hoped that his past hadn’t left him too broken to consider a new romantic venture.

I couldn’t help feeling that the hotel and Louise started to blossom in parallel – both being restored to their former glory; I just hoped that Louise could find happiness.

I implore you to read this glorious book for yourself.
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