Oh what a gift – to be given the opportunity to read the latest Ferry Lane Market book. I am very much looking forward to reconnecting with some former characters, and to meeting some new ones.

Gianna Pascoe comes across as a woman who knows what she wants, and at the age of 39, she is not afraid to stand up to her Mother, when it comes to arranging her 40th birthday party. I liked that she stood up for herself, without resorting to being rude or mean. I really did like Gianna, but I did feel for her, regarding the mental health issues she was having. Basically she seemed a kind soul to me, evidenced by the way that she would sometimes buy the works of struggling artists, showing in her gallery, in order to boost their confidence. Gianna may have been spoiled by her parents in the past, but she was hellbent on paying her own way now, partly funded by the gallery and partly by her paintings as the mysterious Rainbow Painter. Herself, Gianna seems quite captivated by the renowned artist Isaac Benson, but is most definitely not ’over’ her ex, Oliver. I did however feel for Gianna, when it transpires that Oliver has had a child with another woman.

A character not lacking in confidence however, is Gianna’s Father, but Gianna is fairly adamant that she isn’t going to allow him to volunteer to be a model for her life drawing class! I did like the light heartedness that this episode brought, not only to the book, but also to the reader’s perception of Fred Gribble and his overall relationship with Gianna.

Will Gianna’s new life drawing classes help her get out of the rut into which she seems to have fallen? Prepare to be entertained!

You will have to read on yourself to find out, with an abundance of emotions along the way.

Purchase link:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rainbows-End-Ferry-Lane-Market-ebook/dp/B09LLLD89V



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