What Next? – Shari Lowe

I am so looking forward to reviewing this book, but my main reasons are two-fold:
  • I love Shari Lowe’s books and in particular I loved the prequels to thisq book.
  • i enjoy books about strong women and this book is full of them, with arguably the strongest character participating from beyond the grave.

Having started the book, I am happy that it feels that the characters are as tenacious as ever – as if they have never been away. However, in the interest of those who haven’t read any of the previous books in this series, I am starting anew. The start of the book is in fact pretty startling, with Carly depicted locked up in a Los Angeles jail. It’s bad enough being locked up at all, but the thought of being in a foreign jail (albeit in a fully 3rd party one) is pretty terrifying. The big question on my lips is whether or not Carly’s ‘new’ (can an 18- month Husband possibly be considered new in LA?) Husband Sam will stand by her not?

Carly had recently left her 2 teenage Sons in London with their Father for a year and one of the items on their emergency list was ‘what to do if one of them got arrested! What to do if Carly got arrested came nowhere on the tongue in cheek list!

I loved the concept of this book – a group of 4 old friends, completing a bucket list of items in honour of a late friend. Having read the previous books in the series further concreted the idea if a really strong friendship in my mind, able to overcome anything, even being arrested!

I enjoyed the book from start to finish, my only regret being that I didn’t take the time to reread the previous books in the series first.

  • Will the women complete their bucket list of tasks?
  • Will they get out of jail without charge?
  • Will their friendship withstand everything they go through to complete that bucket list.

To read for yourself, Purchase Link:https://amzn.to/3HK6xsc


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