The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim – Jules Wake

What does an Ethel look like? No point in asking Ettie, as she most definitely didn’t look like one, despite her Mother’s best efforts!

I loved the main characters from the start of the book – Dominic and Gracie were about to start bringing things together for their hotel, with Ettie’s help. It seemed as though each of the three eclectic characters was hiding something though:

  • Dominic – the truth behind his divorce and the accident where he broke his leg. Why is he so dead set against anyone wild swimming in his lake!
  • Gracie – seems very lonely; what does she really want from the hotel project?
  • Ettie – encouraging locals to swim in the lake when Dominic is not around, and swimming herself, despite knowing that Dominic will not be happy about it. Why did she HAVE to drop out of school?

As Dominic and Ettie’s ’friendship’ thrives, are they getting serious about each other, despite Ettie being the first to protest that this is in no way the case? What will happen when Dominic finds out that Ettie has been going behind his back, by arranging regular swimming sessions for the group of swimmers that have unwittingly become her friends?.

Meanwhile the hotel is working its magic on the swimming group, with the members ’growing’ organically, as work on the hotel progressed and as potential new activities were discovered for future guests. I loved the loyalty and cohesiveness of the swimming group, and how they rapidly became that way, particularly with regard to amputee Josh. Such was the dynamic between this diverse group of people, that I found myself wanting to dive on into the pages of the book (were that even remotely possible), in order to join this wonderful group of people, every one of whom proved that its never too late to change yourself, your life and your own ’part’ and journey within that story.

This story certainly did make one look at oneself with a healthy critique, and give life to the idea of change for the positive. We could all no doubt benefit from some kind of combination of a Dominic, a Gracie, an Ettie and a Grandad in our life. What a wonderful book that consumed me from start to finish – and no sooner had I finished, then I felt compelled to start again, just in case I had missed something. In fact I was so gripped by this book that I felt myself wanting to jump into my nearest lake for a dip – just momentarily mind, until I remembered that I hate swimming and I especially loath cold water!

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