A Little Hotel in Cornwall – Books 1-8 – Laura Briggs

I loved these books from start to finish; from the richness and depth of the characters, to hotel life and the descriptions of the Cornish countryside. At times, if I closed my eyes, I felt as though I was there as I immersed myself in Cornish life. Most of all, I loved Maisie as a character. Her impetuousness was infectious and I enjoyed how she stumbled from one drama to another, ever forgetting her ultimate goal of having her book published.

I don’t want to ruin the stories for you; you will have to read on for yourself, to see if our infectious heroine achieves her life goals – but I defy you not to thoroughly enjoy Maisie’s journey, from ’falling’ into a chambermaid job, to falling in love. Highly recommended.

To read for yourself: http://mybook.to/LHboxset


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