Daisy’s French Farmhouse – Lorraine Wilson

I felt enthusiastic at the idea of trying a book by an author new to me, and I was not disappointed.

I immediately discovered that this book was one of a series, so I made good use of the helpful ’who’s who’ at the start of the book. I also liked the ’food for thought’ literary quote at the start of each chapter.

I instantly warmed to our heroine, the eclectic, maybe slightly whacky, Daisy, with her vivaciousness and joie de vivre. Whilst I felt sad at Daisy’s reason for wanting to go to France, it really tickled me, that her Gran was currently residing in an Ashram! Then, as if I needed convincing that Daisy came from a somewhat unconventional family, it transpires that Daisy has a history of having seeming random physic abilities.

Daisy most definitely has a gift and the mature way in which she deals with it is most laudable; indeed it adds to the realism of the storyline.

Daisy’s new neighbour, Anton seems swathed in mystery – or is it sadness at the death of his Wife? Is it possible that Daisy’s presence could go some way towards restoring his mojo? The downside to this idea is that by the very nature of their relationship, Daisy is more likely to spend time with Anton’s dogs, than she is with the man himself. The dynamic between Daisy and Anton is interesting, enriched by a combination of Daisy’s special powers and Anton’s professional knowledge. At times I wondered whether Anton had a similar gift to Daisy’s, but was reluctant to admit it. The sexual chemistry between Anton and Daisy is rampant, but Anton initially seemed far from moving on from his relationship with his late Wife.

The way Daisy interacts with the dogs in the book is adorable; it’s almost as though she speaks Dog and she seems ultra aware of their individual physical and mental needs.

As a whole, this book is very aware of the strong relationships between dogs and their humans, and depicts these relationships beautifully. For me, it struck just the right balance between romance, humour and intrigue, with a generous helping of history and stunningly beautiful buildings and countryside thrown in for good measure!

Questions did pop into my head as I read though:

  • Will Daisy and Anton become more than friends? (Can Anton move on from his Wife?, or would there always be three ’people’ in any potential relationship between our two heroes)?
  • Can Daisy really make a new life for herself in France?

There was however one thing of which I was certain – I found myself drawn towards reading the other books in the French Escape series.

To find out the answers to these questions and more, you will need to read the book for yourself.

Purchase link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Daisys-French-Farmhouse-Escape-Book-ebook/dp/B08CD6MY4J


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