The Colour Of Summer – Victoria Connelly

To say that I was excited to read the final chapter in Victoria Connelly’s ’The House in the Clouds’ trilogy, was a veritable understatement; to say that I was ’chomping at the bit’ would not be an exaggeration! What a treat to be given the opportunity to be one of the first people to read about what happens to ’Abward’ and the House in the Clouds.

I love the way that Abi is so happy living in The House in the Clouds’, proclaiming to be enchanted by it every day! what a wonderful way to live your life, especially when those closest to her, seem so attuned to her feelings. I confess however that I would personally be happier knowing that ’Abward ’ had become an actual thing, as well as knowing that things were better for Ellen, Abi’s Sister. It’s hard to quantify what her actual problem was, but it seemed to be eating away at her. As for ‘Abward’ – I just felt like banging their heads together, until they’re able to see what is blatantly obvious to all that know them!

I fear for Edward, in that he is do kind and non confrontational – perhaps liable to be taken advantaged of. This behaviour is illustrated by his reluctance to talk to Samantha about her excessive loud partying habits. I did however have high hopes for the ’Abwood’ relationship, and felt my heart flutter at every nuance of romance between the pair.

We discovered a little of what had driven Abi to Winfield House, in some frank, beautiful, yet shocking writing – all the more shocking, in that these kinds of situations take place every day. We were still left in the dark at first as to why Abi’s sister, is so very prickly. it would be good to see her lose some of those spikes in this book. The mystery surrounding Ellens sadness/crossness starts to intensify, but she is so difficult to talk to. If something did happen to one of the Sisters, Abi really does deserve to know about it, even it does ultimately simply lead to a better understanding for Ellen. It felt to me as though the differences between Abi and Ellen and their memories of the past, with their Mother, was somewhat reflected in Edward and his Brother’s recollection of the past, with their Father.

I loved the feeling (aura?🤓) that exuded from Harry and Aura’s relationship, but couldn’t help but imagine his life would be different (for the better), with Aura at his side. How wonderful the he genuinely feels that he has found sheer joy in his life. I felt so overcome with sadness however, at Aura’ s Mother’s reaction to their engagement and I just wanted to reach out and hug Aura.

Abwood had so much in common, perhaps without realising it – it felt as though a hopeless parent and a hopeless sibling was just the start of any connection. Edward’s Brother Oscar seemed particularly selfish. What I didn’t understand was Edward’s need tie about his Father’s death – unless he had just told Abi he was dead, as he didn’t want the pair to meet?

The more that we hear about Abi and Ellen’s Mother’s past, the more I fear for Ellen, especially her mental health. It started to feel like a self perpetuating loop, whereby Ellen was going to have mental health issues, regardless of where she was or who she was with. These kinds of episodes wsasa2#@must be terrifying for all involved. It did feel as though, having suffered together with their Mother, the Sisters needed to seek answers together.

Harry and Aura together, are a bright light in a book that has some dark moments. it’s as though they are the glue holding the book together.

together, these eclectic characters create a real, vivid story, that one struggles to put down.

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