A Leap of Faith for the Cornish Midwife – Jo Bartlett

I find it difficult to articulate just how thrilled I am to have been granted the privilege to read the latest offering in the unparalleled Cornish Midwife series; a new opportunity to showcase the fabulous work of Jo Bartlett.

I found it poignant that the book was dedicated to the relationships between Grandchildren and Grandparents, so I feel compelled to mention my late Grandmother, Maisie. She was very much a family woman and especially adored the young children in our family. She worked in the merchant navy in the laundry but I could have imagined her in a caring career, such as midwifery.

I liked the face that this book concentrated on one main character from the same midwifery practice as the other books. Izzy’s story is bitter-sweet and I just yearned for something positive to come from her relationship with her Mother. Izzy’s relationship with her Grandparents was second to none and I loved how their affection defied age boundaries. i felt sad that Izzy’s grandmother had cancer, yet pleased that they were able to make the nest of the time they had left. Noah the vicar was a welcome character and I adored how he he built up relationships with both Izzy and her Grandparents. I found the fact that Noah questioned his vocation refreshing. As for James and his Wife – I have no words.

In all this book had everything – fun, romance, love, tragedy, but those united to make this a fantastic, uplifting read – surely worthy of its own tv series?


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