Autumn in Sycamore Park – CP Ward

OK, I need to get this out in the open. I know that I am over 50 years old, but I couldn’t suppress the giggles at our heroine’s dog being named ‘Bonky’, even more so when we discover that Jennifer’s class of school children at the time had come up with the name!

I did feel for Jennifer, being thrown into what was the lion’s den of a class of 8 year olds; children can sense a lack of confidence in a teacher a mile off, and will not hesitate to take advantage of the situation. Once they sense a soft spot, you are pretty much doomed. I did think however that Jennifer would have gone down in history as the teacher who most shaped your life, for many of her pupils.

Jennifer seemed to fitting into her new school and location – and then came along Tom, the gorgeous Park caretaker. To say that he was a surprise, is a massive understatement! The more I learned about Jennifer’s past, especially with regard to Mark, her Ex, the greater my admiration for her and I found the way her stomach got butterflies when she was around Tom, really quite endearing. I found myself liking Tom due to the fact that he did the park job because of the difference he could make, rather than because he had to do the job.

For someone who ’wasn’t interested’ in Tom, Jennifer certainly did her best to find out as much as possible about him, and was clearly very interested him, despite her recent break up. I might even go as far as to suggest that a ’bit of a thing’ with Tom was just what her life needed! A threat to the beauty of Sycamore Park certainly gave Jennifer a sense of purpose in her life, having only just felt settled in the area.

Can Jennifer save Sycamore Park?

Will Tom and Jennifer become more than friends?j

Can Jennifer help Gavin make a success of the cake stall?

You will need to read on for yourself to find out:

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