New Family Required – Carmen Reid

For a change I thought I might start by talking about what I didn’t like about this book – but then that would make for a very short review, because I loved everything about this story of family and mystery.

Sasha was a great multi-faceted heroine and I loved everything about her and little family. On a wider level, her family history was utterly compelling.

Sasha’s wider family is however a little more complicated. Why has Sasha always felt like the odd one out amongst her siblings?

This book provided me with a whole different outlook on life – Sasha being an ’ordinary’ woman with an extraordinary upbringing – by a posh family in ancestral type mansion.

Sasha has a wonderful sense of family, albeit a frustrated sense at times.

The book is full of mystery:

  • Why does Sasha feel like the odd one out amongst her siblings?
  • What has Ben been up to?
  • What is Loulou’s secret?
  • What are Sasha’s parents hiding?
  • What have Sasha’s siblings been up to without Sasha knowing?

You will of course need to read this great book for yourself to find out what happens.

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