The Sandycove Supper Club – Sian O’Gorman

From the very start I was enchanted by Roisin Kelly and her friends and family – they were just so real and loveable. What I didn’t like, however, was the way her Husband Brody treated her. He was a complete waste of space. As for the hamster – I couldn’t believe that he went against Roisin’s wishes! True to firm, Roisin ended up loving the little rodent, regardless.

Roisin was a true people person – you couldn’t meet anyone kinder, and she contributed to my immense enjoyment of the book. I just hated the way that certain people took advantage of her.

Roisin was guilty of wanting the best for everyone; a real people pleaser and one just had to hope that this wouldn’t backfire on her. The supper club, as a fundraising idea,, was a perfect use of the skills of Roisin and her friends. Roisin genuinely seemed to be a talented chef and her food sounded divine. Surely her skills were wasted in the admin department of the local planning department.

Relationships feature heavily in this book, with them generally being a bit of a disaster!, it could be argued that Roisin’s divorced parents had the best relationship in the book.

I loved the Irishness in the book – the places, language and the people and they stirred a yearning in me to perhaps visit the area.

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