Elodie’s Library of Second Chances Rebecca Raisin

At the risk of being a little fangirlesqe, I must confess to very much enjoying Rebecca Raisin’s works, so I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review this latest book.

I immediately empathised with Elodie – what a nightmare, being styled at the behest of your Mother, for an event you don’t really want to attend! Thank heavens for the joy of having a good book on hand, in order to alleviate some of the pain, and I can certainly appreciate Elodie’s love of
Books, and I was overwhelmed at her bravery, in going against her Mother’s wishes to work in their ailing local library. Elodie’s Mother certainly seems to be hard work, at the best of times!

Elodie certainly shows her humanitarian side, with her treatment of both Harry and Alfie – what a sterling example to us all. I did feel that it was sad however, that Elodie deemed it necessary to completely change her appearance for her new role, although I did understand why she did it.

As I read on, I found myself asking lots of questions:

– How can Elodie find over 500 new members for the library over the next three months, so that she can apply for essential funding to save the library? If anyone could do it, it would in my opinion be Elodie.

– Why does Finn have what seems to be a constant flow of female admirers?

– How will Finn react when he discovers the truth about Elodie?

– Can Elodie’s People Library contribute towards saving the library?

– Am I right to slightly alarmed about Elodie’s growing relationship with Finn – I suspect that he wouldn’t be happy if he found out Elodie’s real identity. She needs to come clean with him, and soon.

– Can Elodie overcome Finn’s betrayal?

– How is Sofia a Woman of such tremendous means?

– Why is Willow Grove so fond of insulting, alliterative nicknames for so many residents?

Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Elodies-Library-Second-Chances-heart-warming-ebook/dp/B09YH6YXR9

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