Coming Home to Puddleduck Farm – Della Galton

What an opportunity! I love Della Galton’s books, and I am finding it hard to articulate just how thrilled I am; how privileged to have been given the opportunity to read Della Galton’s latest novel. An added bonus is that the book is set in my local area, the beautiful New Forest. Oh double, triple happy days! Although a relatively new publisher, Boldwood Books does seem to have a most superb array of authors under its wing, that never fail to please.

I immediately empathised with Phoebe, not just because she seemed to love my beloved New Forest, but because she seemed to be fleeing a relationship. I really did feel for her, compounded by the fact that she seemed to have left in haste and hadn’t thought about what things she may or may not need. ‘Woefully under-packed’ would be almost an understatement, and meant that she would need to go back to her city apartment at some point.

Phoebe wondered to herself whether or not she had made too impulsive a decision to just get up and leave, having found her Husband Hugh in a clinch with another woman – myself, I lauded Phoebe’s courageous decision to just leave, rather than give Hugh a chance to try and worm his way out of his bad behaviour.

Phoebe’s immediate family were wonderful – close warm and loving. I would even go as far as to say that her parents were perfect. As for her grandparents and Puddleduck Farm – I have but one word – ‘idyllic’.

Growing up in such a wonderful household, it must make it extra hard when Hugh, Phoebe’s Partner turns out to be an emotionally constipated guttersnipe, of the lowest order. Indeed, he caused the unfortunate triumvirate of Phoebe losing her home, her job and her Partner in one fail swoop!

Sam acts as a welcome addition to proceedings, and if nothing else, might add a touch of colour to Phoebe’s Christmas break – or was it really a break, now that she was officially homeless and jobless! Sam is a sensitive soul but I did wonder if he had been hurt via social media media, as he was vehemently anti.

Alexa, Phoebe’s Sister-in-Law adds some comedy to the proceedings, by virtue of her name, and I must confess that were she my relative, her name would get me chortling every time! At this difficult time for Phoebe, her wonderful family are just what she needs.

Maggie, Phoebe’s Grandmother is a real character and a force to be reckoned with. She is described in the book – as having an abundance of compassion, mixed in with a great sense of humour. It was mentioned what a priceless gift that was. It is perhaps a reflection of the author, Della Galton – she writes with compassion, interspersed with pockets of humour, and has the priceless gift of being able to entertain her readers, through her writing; just saying………

I immediately warmed to Phoebe’s long-time friend Tori; the wonderful kind of friend that knows you down to the core. The unconditional kind of friend of whom you need to ask no questions and who knows best when (or if), to any of you.. The kind of friend that you may not have seen for a while, but that you know you pick up exactly where you left off, be it 5 years ago or just 5 minutes. A true, loyal Friend.

Rufus Holt, Maggie’s aristocratic neighbour, initially seemed, quite frankly, an utter arse, with no redeeming features whatsoever – but is there more to him than meets the eye? You couldn’t deny that he seemed to care for his Son. Hidden depths? Could there be romance in the air for Phoebe with Sam, or even Rufus?

As you may be able to tell, I loved this book from start to finish, and I sincerely hope that this is not the end of Phoebe’s story – but just a mere introduction.

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