Christmas at the Borrow a Bookshop – Kiley Dunbar

Having read the previous instalment in the ‘Borrow a Bookshop’ series, I was both thrilled to be given the opportunity to review this book, and equally elated to discover that Jude had remained involved with the running of the book store. I am so looking forward to seeing what the residents, both old and new, get up to over the festive season.

I immediately loved both the concept and the super-Christmassy cover. What better way to get oneself into the festive spirit, even in September!

Icelander Magnús Sturluson is renting out the bookshop in Clove Lore for the prime Christmas weeks. It will be interesting to see who learns most from whom in those two short weeks. Am I permitted to that anyone renting out the bookshop by themselves, is trying to get away from something? We shall see!

Alexandra Robinson needs to perhaps take a moment and think, before she reacts – then she might not have found herself on a boat, potentially sailing into a storm. In her defence however, her boyfriend had been a Class Arse, with not a lot going for him!

At first I wondered why Magnus had gone for the rent a bookshop experience,but it did all become clear, and I really felt for him, having basically lost everything,through no fault of his own. Were he to apply himself to his full potential, I think he could bring a lot to this little Cornish bookshop. The bookshop experience was a jokey gift from his Brother and the irony of it all was not lost on me.

Finan the pub landlord, was the heart of the village and I loved the irony of his pet name for holidaymakers renting the bookshop – The Borrowers. This conjured up all kinds of lovely, memorable images from childrens TV past, for me!

Mrs Crocombe was a legend in the village and I adored the unashamed way that she tried to matchmake any singleton that stepped foot in the village, in a brazen attempt to swell the numbers  and subsequently keep her Head Teacher Daughter in a job. She was a hoot, and subtlety was most definitely not her middle name!

Aldous the dog was a great character and I loved the way that he scowled and sulked about his new vet recommended, dog appropriate diet, as opposed to his preferred cheese sandwich and soup regimen.

Nearly all the Christmas bookings at the pub had been cancelled, due to the severely inclement weather, but there was hope that tiger local bookings would still stand, so that new villagers and old, permanent and temporary residents could come together for the festive season. How idyllic.

You cannot deny that Magnus and Alexandra share some commonality – they are both running away from something. One hopes that they can put the things they have in common to good use, but I am not going to let on what happens – you will need to read on for yourself to find out.

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