Lost Luggage – Samantha Tonge

What a treat – the chance to review another book from the Boldwood Family, and another book by the fabulously talented Samantha Tonge.

I immediately warmed to Dolly, and felt her loss. Being without her Sister has hit her hard. Dolly still bids at the annual lost luggage auction that she used to go to with her Sister Greta; historically, they would gift each other their winning lots and open their booty together on Christmas Day. They would often recycle/upcycle their finds. Despite the sadness, I was tickled by the idea of Dolly sharing her Christmas dinner with Maurice the goldfish – with him enjoying chowing down on his portion of peas! In fact ‘Maurice’s’ general outlook on life was rather amusing! The fish tank lid story was however devastatingly sad. Never have I ever felt so much for a goldfish!

The last thing Dolly expected to find in her luggage lot, was a mysterious notebook. Curiosity inevitably got the better of Dolly and she discovered that the notebook belonged to the reclusive ‘Phoebe’ and contained her wish list of ‘firsts’. 72 year old Dolly decides to try and complete the list of firsts herself – living vicariously through Phoebe’s notebook – and I for one was full of admiration for her enthusiasm and determination for the task at hand – but would she manage to meet Phoebe in person, in order to return some of her belongings?

Please do read this heartwarming tale – it is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/3bgCnBC


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