Making Waves at Riverview Cottage – Jennifer Bohnet

I must confess to immediately empathising with Cassie, in that we both struggle to sleep at night. I genuinely felt for her too, as she worried about her Son Tom, Sailing (racing) around the world, 20 years after the death of her Husband, in a similar race. This was to be Tom’s last race, as he started a family with his Wife and I really felt for the family – willing him to not meet the same fate as His Father.

I was very interested at the introduction of Captain Jane’s White and wondered if there was any potential of romance between him and Cassie? I think Cassie deserved a bit of loving, after 20 years! Add wealthy Doug Hampshire into the mix and Cassie suddenly looks as though she may have 2 eligible men on the horizon! I understood why Cassie felt as though she had never left home, having been widowed with two small children at such a young age! I did wonder as to how much Cassie’s life would change, at the arrival of her friend Veronica, for an indeterminate stay!

Cassie’s Daughter Polly was facing her own dilemma – whether to continue trying to sail as a professional, or to give it all up and marry her navel officer beau, Sebastian. I found myself wanting her to turn down his proposal – who did he think he was, expecting Polly to give up her career aspirations just to marry him!?

The introduction of Becky and Trevor from Cassie and Her Husband Miles’ sailing days was a refreshing addition to the book and I loved how Cassie was able to reminisce about happy tines.

I admired Polly and her decisions – ‘Little Polly’ was certainly made of tough stuff! I liked that we had a pair of heroines of different ages and I loved that Cassie had two men vying for her attention, whereas Polly had 2 entities competing for her attention – a man, in the form of Dexter, and the sport of professional sailing.

I loved this book from start to finish and found myself having to ration my reading time, just to make it last a little longer!

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