One Last Dream for December – Lottie Cardew

The chance to read and review Lottie Cardew’s latest book, one Last Dream for December was one of my highlights of this month, such is the enjoyment I have got from her previous book ‘A Christmas Wish on a Carousel, which was a precursor to this book.

I liked Esme from the very start and I could see why she had a soft spot for her Uncle Samuel. I’m not sure that I would want to move above a toy shop so close to Halloween, though. I loved Uncle’s pronouncement that you don’t have to be under sixteen to have a ‘bestie’.

There is something a little odd about Esme – this turns out to be her late diagnosed autism.

Seth seems most eligible and Esme gets flustered around him, which I think is because she likes him. I held out great hope for the pair.

I so felt for Esme, with regard to the incident in the cafe with Seth – I did hope that she had the wrong end of the stick.

I liked the way that Esme talked about the shop as though it were alive – which seems somehow appropriate for a shop with its own Santa’s workshop on the premises.

I felt that the author dealt with the topic of autism in a really empathetic way, and I hope that anyone with autism would agree with me – it’s easy for me to say….I also, found myself disliking Seth’s in-laws, especially the way they behaved towards Esme – but maybe everyone can redeem themselves, especially at Christmas. I wasn’t at all surprised to read that the author was also diagnosed as autistic, enabling her fantastic insight into the subject. Thank you for sharing!

I admired the way Esme dealt with Piotr, and with people in general; I loved the way that her relationship with Cara and Will blossomed – and it was lovely to catch up with Cara again.

I love the merry go round vibe of this story, and almost the feel of a modern day Christmas Carol.

I guess the main question is whether Seth and Esme can successfully overcome any obstacles, to be together? I will leave it for you to find that out!

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