Family Secrets at the Inglenook Inn – Helen Rolfe

I was very much looking forward to reading this book, having thoroughly enjoyed all the books by Helen Rolfe that I have read before.

The Inglenook Inn immediately sounded idyllic, and I found myself desperately wanting to stay there, especially under the care of Rupert! Rupert seemed a lovely chap, to whom I warmed immediately. His obvious love for his family and more pertinently his Sister Natalie was a joy to behold, but it seemed to me that he was missing something in his life. Could this slot be filled by Katy, or do they both have too much going on in their respective lives? Natalie is certainly taking up a lot of his time, and not really in a good way.

I felt for Katy and thought she dealt with her family circumstances in a most admirable manner, and she seemed the perfect fit for the Inglenook Inn. She did however seem to struggle with the idea of her Father remarrying. As for the past, she seemed to be harbouring a secret – but I had no clue as to what Katy might be hiding, and indeed why, although Natalie’s situation was perhaps a little too close to that of Katy’s Brother, David.

As Katy’s time at the Inn progressed, Rupert’s feelings for her seemed to grow, although Kate remained professional at all times. I vehemently hoped that Rupert’s feelings were reciprocated, and the feelings were going to be allowed to grown into something ‘real’. Rupert’s feelings seemed to an extent to be somewhat ‘broken’ and I was curious about what events he was harbouring from the past.

I found this to be a superb read, full of fun, together with a bundle of secrets – everyone seemed to have one for me to fathom. Not to be missed!

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