Modern Women’s Fiction

#TheWinterGarden – this is the book I really want to review next – I adore the work of this author and I so look forward to anything new coming out by Heidi Swain #heidi_swain.

Hopefully I will get a copy and then I can write an honest review, but for now I can tell you what I like about Heidi’s work.

I love the way that the all of Heidi’s books are loosely interconnected, with characters and locations spanning Different novels. Heidi has a way of making you feel comfortable and at home with your read before you have even started and you know form the moment that book goes into your basket, that you WILL NOT be disappointed. Heidi has a way of writing that Is analogous with having a long standing best friend who knows everything about you. You just know that you will enjoy Heidi’s new offering, no questions asked.

Anyway, fingers crossed that the publisher finds a way to let me spread the word about the work of #Heidi_swain.