The Broken Hearts Honeymoon


The book has some funny verging on crazy moments; for example all the hangers on coming along to look at wedding venues, including Matt’s parents’ nosy neighbour Evie!

I love that Charlotte goes to a Tokyo alone and I love the descriptive narrative; at times it became all immersive. I love that the author has either been to Tokyo or has done her research. I was able to google things she mentions like Steve McQueen popcorn buckets or green alien mochi and see what they really look like! I found myself pretty immersed in the idea of travel in Japan and started struggling to put the book down.

I started off feeling great empathy for Charlotte, but my feelings were organic and by the end of the story I felt nothing but admiration for this books main character;  put in the same situation as Charlotte, many people would just crumble. The way she triumphed over adversity was an excellent example for all women out there.

I am about 3/4 of the way through this book and I am finding it hard to put down. The thing is,  I can’t really tell where the plot is going and I am finding that refreshing. We are not going down that tried and tested route of girl meets boy, there’s a bit of a problem, it gets sorted, they go off into the sunset together……..saying that I don’t really know where the storyline is going – fantastic.

Finished at last. I have been struggling to put this book down. I loved the character that was Charlotte and I love the unorthodox ending. Highly recommended.