The Love Island Book Shop – Kate Frost

The chance to run a bookshop in the Maldives for nine months – I mean, what’s not to love about that idea? Freya has been unlucky in love in the UK, but who knows what opportunities might come her way, in the Maldives?

I loved the descriptions of Freya’s life in the UK and the comparison to her life in the Maldives – at times, I felt that if I closed my eyes, I could almost be there, with the waves lapping at my toes. I immediately warmed to Freya and only wanted the very best to her. I was surprised, after the initial descriptions of Zander, but I really warmed to him, despite Freya’s initial misgivings; he comes across as a wonderful character, miles away from his former boy band persona. I liked Aaron at first, but went off him when it appeared he had a secret 2 year old son, whom he declared he wasn’t sure he was the Father of. How conceited – I immediately smelled a rat.

Maryam comes across as the most sublime, motherly character, who would use her maternal aptitude on anyone. Who wouldn’t love to be looked after by her!

Some of the key things I got from this book:
– a sense of the most idyllic island retreat
– a wonderful sense of community and family from most of the resort
– the vibes of the most special book shop, with so much thought gone into it
– a real sense of kindred spirits in both the blood and non blood sense
– romance – at just the right pace

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which provided just the right amount of escapism and romance in these difficult times. I completely warmed to most of the characters and only wanted the very very best for them. I read the book non-stop and was very sad to finish it. This unhappiness would surely be mitigated by the sniff of a sequel – I would love to see how the relationships in the book progress and feel that another tome would be a rip-roaring success.

To buy this book for yourself, just use this link:


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